April 02, 2013

White, Gold, and Silver Dinosaur Party

We celebrated our little man's fourth birthday two weeks ago. He had a great time and was happy to have many of his friends over, including some of his classmates. All in all, a great success!

The theme this year was "dinosaurs". I wanted to avoid the typical dinosaur party (browns, greens, orange) so I concocted a simple party at home and stuck to a more neutral palette. I included a bit of origami and a bit of polka dots and stripes. Boy-ish, but not too boy-ish (the girls left with dinosaur-shaped soaps that smelled like watermelon and banana) and nothing too matchy-matchy, but nicely tied together colour-wise.

As always, I tried to keep everything within a relatively small budget (except the entertainment... I am seriously considering a career as a party clown!). Almost everything was made or assembled at home (invitations, cup stickers, tassel garland, "four" banner, bottle labels, etc).

It was tons of fun putting this little party together. It ended up being pretty gender-neutral which I personally think is nice...

I cannot wait until next year's party. We already have some theme requests ("soccer race-car spaceships" is my fave).

p.s. Thanks a lot to my lovely friend, Maaike for taking photos while I was running around like a crazy person.


  1. Lovely pictures. You executed the theme very well and according to what you had in your mind. Assembling things at home is so much fun and kind of so much satisfaction. those labels on bottle and the triangular stipes fliers are lovely. Did you also bake the cake at home? It looks great.

    1. Thank you so much! The cake is from wholefoods. I don't really bake that much... at all. ha! ;)

  2. GORGEOUS party, friend! You did a wonderful job and are so very creative. :) - Jennifer

  3. Beautiful pictures. You executed the topic great and consistent with what you had in your psyche. Collecting things at home is so much fun and sort of so much fulfillment.