April 02, 2013

White, Gold, and Silver Dinosaur Party

We celebrated our little man's fourth birthday two weeks ago. He had a great time and was happy to have many of his friends over, including some of his classmates. All in all, a great success!

The theme this year was "dinosaurs". I wanted to avoid the typical dinosaur party (browns, greens, orange) so I concocted a simple party at home and stuck to a more neutral palette. I included a bit of origami and a bit of polka dots and stripes. Boy-ish, but not too boy-ish (the girls left with dinosaur-shaped soaps that smelled like watermelon and banana) and nothing too matchy-matchy, but nicely tied together colour-wise.

As always, I tried to keep everything within a relatively small budget (except the entertainment... I am seriously considering a career as a party clown!). Almost everything was made or assembled at home (invitations, cup stickers, tassel garland, "four" banner, bottle labels, etc).

It was tons of fun putting this little party together. It ended up being pretty gender-neutral which I personally think is nice...

I cannot wait until next year's party. We already have some theme requests ("soccer race-car spaceships" is my fave).

p.s. Thanks a lot to my lovely friend, Maaike for taking photos while I was running around like a crazy person.

March 20, 2013

10% off

I uploaded a batch of things to my shop. I am offering my blog visitors 10% off from now until Friday with the coupon code SPRING.

Thank you and happy shopping!

March 18, 2013


It was a certain little someone's birthday two weeks ago and we did what he loves the most: rock-throwing at the lake.

It was such a gorgeous evening and it was nice to have the lake to ourselves (it felt like it!). Balloons, rocks, ducks, and a wonderfully blue sky made my little man happy. I hope his birthday wishes remain this simple.

Happy Monday!

February 27, 2013

colombia trip: coffee-growing region

We left Bogota for the coffee-growing region before dawn on new years day. It is always surreal traveling on January 1st. Not many people do so in Colombia due to a combination of hangovers and unsafe roads (too many drunk drivers). We drove to the airport at a time when people were still up partying and got to the city of Armenia early in the morning when people were still up partying (or passed out by the side of the road). We drove past several street parties on our way to our hotel-farm and it was around 10:00 am.

We stayed on a farm outside Armenia which looked much more inviting and clean in photos. Still, it was great to travel around the stunningly green departments of Quindio and Risaralda. We went to the botanical gardens on the first day and for a long walk in the forest, and then got to hang out with a big group of butterflies. We had lunch in a traditional restaurant by the side of the road and became friends with a Spanish family with whom we traveled the rest of the week.

B did great during the whole time we were there! I don't think he even noticed the hotel was a disaster. He slept whenever he was sleepy, ate whatever we gave him, and was perfectly content during the long rides. This was the first long trip in which we didn't take a stroller so we were a bit worried, but he was a total champ.

I wouldn't necessarily say our time in the coffee-growing region was relaxing (we were on our feet from 7am to 10pm every day), but it was great to get out, explore, learn, and take in all the beauty around us. Plus, there was no wifi anywhere so it was a good and much needed (yet hard) break from the online world.

February 17, 2013

shop update: easter pastels

I am bit behind in updating my shop. These sweet items were supposed to be listed last week, but I photographed them and hated the photos. I had to wait for the weather to cooperate so I could photograph them again and in winter that requires patience.

Anyway, I will be listing these and a few more items this week so stay tuned.

Happy weekend!